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Welcome to Garden
Social Ventures

We are an innovative Social Tech Enterprise that provides products and services to drive Impact Assurance and empower organizations to change the world through effective social delivery.

GSV strategically creates solutions that are fit for the social sector which is linked to her core principles around ensuring Data Integrity across Social Interventions, leveraging Identity as a foundation of Social Benefit Delivery, integration of robust Monitoring and Evaluation systems for tracking performance and Impact, and driving Transparency through Fraud Proof Designs.

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Our experience and expertise
sit in the following areas.

Social Investments
Our experience cuts across programme design of National scaled programmes and providing technology to drive implementation of social investment programmes at National and State Levels. GSV focuses on driving transparency, visibility, accountability, data-driven processes, coordination, monitoring and evaluation for more impactful Social Investment initiatives that are scalable and sustainable.
Social Impact Assurance:
We are passionate about driving social change to improve the wellbeing of individuals. We provide products that help our client measure the Impact of their interventions and use that as a feedback mechanism to improve the quality and effectiveness of the interventions. Ensuring we provide products and services to drive Impact Assurance which is a fundamental challenge faced by Social Sector Stakeholders.
Strategic Partnership
GSV has built great relationships through experience working with clients within the Public, Private, Third sector and International Development Partners. We believe that synergy between sectors is key to achieving the desired Social impact at scale. We are passionate about grooming strategic relationships towards collaborative goals and creating more sustainable impact across Africa.
Our Advisory services focus on helping our clients achieve their strategic objective. The services we provide for clients include: Program Design/ Framework Development, Research/Analysis, development strategy and Partnership development. GSV works on providing a holistic service through our advisory frameworks and the integration of our tech products to drive effective delivery and processes.
// What We Do

We are committed to consistently offering sustainable innovation for today’s social challenges.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Leveraging on our experience, we offer deep insights for achieving strategic business and programme goals.


Our products are tailored-fit to manage, measure, and communicate social impact and assure returns on social investments.

Doing it better!

// Past Projects

GSV has worked with a host of clients with several enterprise solutions in her portfolio. These include:

GSV has a remarkable record of working with a host of clients in advisory, project and technology management capacities. Some of our work include:

We provided the Nigerian Government with a 5-Year National Social Protection and Investment Roadmap which involved examining the Social Protection and Investment Programme delivery in Nigeria drawing out key successes, constraints and learning points with a goal to provide Government with the structures and frameworks required to drive the fulfilment of the mandate including a framework and guidelines for alignment of all Ministry, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), partner agencies, partner countries, NGO/CSOs and institutions around a single goal.

We worked as Lead Technology Partner for Recruitment, Learning, Transition stages of the programme.

We worked as Programme Lead Technology Integrator for the National Micro loans for Small and Medium Enterprises, providing technical support and coordination of technology vendors driving the technology for the Micro Scheme Delivery.

We worked with NSIO as Technology Management Consultants providing technology solutions for the delivery of Social investment programmes and frameworks to guide implementation

// our clients and partners

We are trusted by numerous clients and partners
in achieving social good.

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Our Leadership Team

We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development,
product design, QA and consultancy services.

Funmilola Eniolorunda

General Manager / C.O.O

Yemi-Joshua Oladeji

Business Manager

Veronica Akaolisa

Strategic Partnerships Lead

Tobi Ogunronbi

Operations Manager

Jennifer Nneji

Senior Analyst

Olawale Ogunibe