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Monitoring and Evaluation Systems As The Key To Delivering Effective Social Programmes In Nigeria ​

Nigeria is blessed with valuable natural resources but also plagued with various socio-economic challenges. These challenges have placed Nigeria among countries with a high prevalence of multi-dimensional poverty; with over 50% of its population living below the International Poverty Line. This has necessitated a number of social protection and development initiatives designed to tackle its social challenges. With every new government administration introducing new interventions and programmes, the social impact has been minuscule; coupled with the lack of data to show gaps and areas of improvement in executing these interventions.

Many of these laudable initiatives have failed to record visible impact at the national scale due to poor programme design, data inefficiencies, lack of accountability, mismanagement of funds amongst a plethora of issues. There has also been a lack of continuity and scalability needed to sustain the impacts of the initiatives in Nigeria. One of the requirements to solve this issue is the need for a robust and efficient Monitoring and Evaluation system. Monitoring and Evaluation are critical to improving programme design, increasing visibility and accountability, ensuring value-for-money and enabling sustainability through consistent learning and evidence-based decision making.

Garden Social Ventures’ Monitoring & Evaluation Bootcamp is a great step to developing the capacities of individuals and organizations in the public and private sectors towards efficiently tracking progress and evaluating social impact. We believe that the Government alone cannot solve all the challenges, hence the need for data- and impact-driven individuals and organizations to rise to the call for a more coordinated social delivery that achieves greater social impact.

The Bootcamp will focus on understanding the concept of Monitoring & Evaluation, a framework to drive effective monitoring, processes and tools for Monitoring & Evaluation. The interactive Bootcamp will incorporate use cases that the participants can easily resonate with.

This Monitoring & Evaluation Bootcamp is designed for:

  • Individuals interested in Social Change or Social Impact
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Professionals
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organisation
  • Social Enterprises

Garden Social Ventures is a social technology company passionate about enabling social change, improving social programmes delivery, data integrity, accountability, and impact assurance. We believe that there can be a better world for Nigerians, by enabling change through empowering and building chana

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